Cultivators and Manufacturers of Luxury Marijuana, Marijuana Infused Products and
Premium Disposable Vapes.

Grown in our quality-controlled state of the art facility. Our finely trimmed bud flower has been sought after by many and is now available for those looking for a first-class experience. LEARN MORE
NLVO has manufactured a line of premium topicals. Lip Balm, Sensual Massage Oil and Muscle Relief Lotion. LEARN MORE
We’ve developed a vape oil that preserves the taste and effects of fresh flower with no additives, in a small discrete pen that delivers the perfect amount. LEARN MORE
Made from our own premium, top shelf flower, and clean CO2, our concentrates contain a harmonizing
Our pre-rolls are made of only premium flower. No trim or other plant products are used. Each pre-roll is 1 gram.
Our Full-Spectrum Activated Wellness Oil, also known as Rick Simpson Oil (RSO), Phoenix Tears, or Full Extract Cannabis Oil, is a very potent THC extract used for medical patients and anyone else who needs a strong dose of cannabis without smoking. LEARN MORE
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  • NLVO Lip Care


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