Made from our own premium, top shelf flower, and clean CO2, our concentrates contain a harmonizing blend of cannabinoids and terpenes that deliver the effect, taste, and benefits of fresh cannabis without combustion. We are big fans of cannabis flower and extracts like BHO, but we wanted to show what is possible without utilizing petroleum hydrocarbons.

From smooth shatter and pull & snap, to terpene-rich Live Resin and “Loud Resin” our CO2 concentrates have deep complex flavors and aromas that rival the finest wines. We recommend very small, low temperature dabs to start, especially with the higher terpene resins. Smell the jar, taste the vapor, and relax into the effects.

Our concentrates can be used in concentrate pens, dab nails/bangers, e-nails, or as a topping on flower. Packaged in high quality borosilicate glass jars, our extracts can be lightly heated to ensure you get every last drop. For best results store in a dark place below room temperature (~70F, 21C).



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